At Alpha Insurers, our trained auto insurance professionals can customize an insurance package to your needs. With our AUTO PLUS HOME (APH) package you can receive discounts up to 60% OFF your combined Auto & Home insurance premium! At Alpha Insurers, We Protect Your Good Things in Life!


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Alpha's Straight Talk About Auto Insurance

How to Get the Best Value for Your Dollar
Buying insurance can be confusing. Is the price right? Do you have the right coverage for your needs? What about your insurance company’s quality of service? Shop carefully to get the best value for your insurance dollar. At Alpha Insurers, we analyze your insurance needs and personalize the best insurance coverage to your needs.


Value: Policy, Price, and Service
Everyone wants a good value when they buy a car. You want a low price, but you also want transportation that’s reliable and a service facility that repairs your car promptly and thoroughly. That’s TRUE VALUE. The same applies to buying car insurance.


Good insurance value means finding the best coverage at the right price and with caring service.


When your medical and repair bills pile up, you need a policy that covers you fully and insurance that pays valid claims promptly. At Alpha Insurers, we know you and your insurance needs. We can customize an insurance program that’s right for you and your family at an affordable cost.


Shop and Compare
If you shop for insurance, you should consider the following:

  1. How much insurance and what kind of coverage do you get for the price? The cost depends on you deductible, the type and age of your car, miles driven, and your age, sex, residence, and driving record.
  2. What price discounts or credits does the company offer?
  3. Does the company have a good record for paying claims? Does it pay promptly and fully?
  4. Is the company financially healthy?

At Alpha Insurers, we have the answers!

Alpha's Seven Ways to Save Money

Higher is Lower
You can reduce the price of your insurance premium by raising your deductibles. But first, decide how much of a deductible you can afford to pay if you have a claim.


Age Before Beauty
Consider reducing or dropping collision and comprehensive coverage if you have an older car. No matter how bad the damage, your policy only pays for the car’s cash value. You may be throwing money away if you keep paying premiums on a car that costs more to repair than your policy will reimburse.


Keep It Clean
A good driving record can help keep your rates down. This means no accidents when you’re at fault and no moving violations. If your record is clean, insurers may charge you less.


Premium on Premium Cars
You may pay more if you buy a new car, a sports car, a luxury model or a car that’s easily damaged. Know how much you want to pay on insurance before you buy the car. Ask your agent for advice.


A Home/Auto Package Discount
If you combine your home and auto insurance coverage, you will enjoy additional discount on top of the regular discount – provided you meet our basic discount requirements.


Make Thieves Grieve
You may qualify for an additional discount if you make your car theft proof. Install a hood lock or alarm. Add an antitheft device that keeps your car from being “hot-wired” or one that will emit radio-tracking signal to assist in recovery if the car is stolen.


Making the Grade
High school and college students may receive a discount for good grades.


Get Alpha's Good Advice

Alpha Insurers can save you money and find the auto coverage that best meets your personal and family insurance needs. We can also help handle your claim, resolve billing questions, update coverage as your needs change, and explain your insurance in language that is easy to understand.


When You Have a Problem
Chances are that, sooner or later, you’ll have an accident. So be prepared. Keep paper, pen, and the phone numbers of your agent and insurance company in your glove compartment.


You need to know beforehand what your policy does and doesn’t cover. You also need to know your obligations and the company’s obligations under the policy. Ask your insurance agent to explain parts you find unclear.


Then, if you have a problem:


  • Explain it to your agent clearly. Be specific about the action you want taken. Agree on a date when you’ll get a progress report.
  • Have your policy and claim number (if relevant) handy, plus related documents.
  • If you think a claim offer should be larger, ask your agent to get a written explanation of how the company calculated the offer.


Accident Checklist

  1. Call an ambulance if anyone is hurt: Clear the area if you smell or see leaking gasoline; then call the fire department.
  2. Call the police: You will need a police report for your claim.
  3. Admit nothing: Say nothing about who is at fault. Stray comments can work against you in court or the claims process.
  4. Don’t move your car: Unless it causes a hazard. You can better prove your claim if police can note the exact position of the cars when they crashed.
  5. Get personal data: Note the license plate, year, and make of all cars involved; other drivers’ names, license numbers, addresses, phone numbers, insurance agents, company and policy numbers, and names and addresses of witnesses.
  6. Take photos: If you have a camera handy, be sure to take pictures of the damage of the vehicles, license plates, and the surrounding area where the accident took place including street signs or landmarks.
  7. Write down all details: While your memory is fresh note how the accident happened.
  8. Report your claim: Report all the details to Beneficial Adjusting Co. (claims office) immediately or come in to fill out all the necessary forms to start processing of your claim.


Don't Drink and Drive

In all Guam Automobile Policies an endorsement for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is included. If convicted of a DUI from alcohol or drugs, the insurance company can deny liability. Please drive safely, use safety belts at all times, and be sure to have a designated driver.


For First Offense DUI, by law, you will incur…

  1. Mandatory minimum two-day imprisonment.
  2. $1,000 Fine.
  3. $20 Court Costs.
  4. Offender must attend and pay $200.00 for alcohol treatment program.
  5. Must go to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse for an assessment and comply with any recommended treatment.
  6. Driving privileges restricted to and from job site for six months or 180 days.
  7. Two-Year probation including complete abstinence from alcohol, alcohol testing, and all other conditions ordered by the court.
  8. DUI Penalty on your Driving Record, which will increase your auto insurance rates dramatically.
  9. Your successive DUI offenses come with much harsher penalties.

So, Don’t Drink and Drive!… Have a designated driver bring you back home safe and sound.

Auto Policy: What Each Coverage Provides

Liability Coverage provides insurance (up to stated limit) for claims arising from any one accident resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage. This coverage is mandatory for all vehicles insured.


Guam Standard Liability Coverage:

  • Bodily Injury– $25,000 Each Person / $50,000 Each Accident
  • Property Damage– $20,000 Each Accident


Comprehensive and Collision Coverage pays for losses due to damage to your vehicle, subject to deductibles on your policy. Refer to the Declarations page of your policy for a clear understanding of the coverage you have for damage to your car, including whether or not collision losses are covered.


Some examples covered in Comprehensive and Collision includes:
Collision, upset, fire, malicious mischief/vandalism, explosion, theft, breakage of glass, rolling objects, missiles, animal contact, riot or civil commotion, and transportation expense in case of total theft.


Guam Standard Deductibles:

  • Collision– $200.00 Each Loss
  • Comprehensive– $100.00 Each Loss

Optional Coverage

Medical Payments Coverage pays for reasonable medical or funeral expenses for you or your passenger(s) in the event of a serious accident, even if you are at fault.

Limits of Coverage:

  • $2,000.00 Coverage– $15.00/Year Premium
  • $3,000.00 Coverage– $20.00/Year Premium


Uninsured Motorists Coverage pays for Bodily Injury for you or any family member or any person occupying your covered automobile, which you are legally entitled to recover from the owner or operator of an Uninsured Motorist, who caused the accident. It also pays for Bodily Injury caused by a Hit and Run.

Standard Coverage:

  • $15,000.00 Each Person / $30,000.00 Each Accident– $10.00/Year Premium


Typhoon Coverage can be provided at an additional premium of 1.63% of the value of the car, subject to $500.00 policy deductible on each loss.


Towing Service is Included.


Discounts on your Auto Policy Premium

  1. Multi-Car Discount (MCD)
    You will be entitled to a 10% discount if you insure two or more cars with Alpha Insurers.
  2. No Claims Bonus (NCB)
    If you can present a No Claim Certificate from your previous insurance company or if you are a current customer and do not have any accidents while insured with Alpha Insurers, your premium will be reduced as follows:

    • 10% Off The First Year
    • 15% Off The First Year
    • 20% Off The First Year
  3. Anti-Theft Alarm/Device Discount
    If you install a theft system approved and certified by a duly licensed alarm device dealer, you will be entitled to a $25.00 Flat Discount.
  4. Good Student Discount
    We offer additional discounts to Full Time Honor Roll Students enrolled in high school or at an accredited college for up to 10% on Collision and 15% on Comprehensive on the vehicle he/she is driving.
  5. Additional Discounts by Increasing Deductibles
    You can further reduce your auto premium by increasing your deductibles:

    • $200.00 Deductible on Comprehensive: 10% Discount
    • $300.00 Deductible on Comprehensive: 20% Discount
    • $500.00 Deductible on Collision: 10% Discount
    • $1,000.00 Deductible on Collision: 15% Discount


Requirements for a New Auto Policy

  1. Vehicle registration and ownership, or bill of sale for newly purchased vehicles (registration needs to be submitted later)
    If second-hand vehicle(s), the reverse side of ownership has to be signed by the original owner.
  2. Driver’s license for owner(s) and all other driver(s)
  3. Safety Inspection
  4. Traffic court clearance from Superior Court
  5. No Claims Letter from previous insurance company, if applicable


If you have all of the above requirements, please Visit Us at one of our convenient locations in Hagatna or Dededo, or Contact Us right away to get started on your personalized insurance plan!


If you do not have all of the above requirements, you can still get temporary insurance coverage with Binder Coverage.


FREE 24-Hours Emergency Roadside Assistance

We know that some accidents happen beyond your control. So, when you insure your automobile(s) with Alpha Insurers, you automatically receive our FREE 24-Hours Emergency Roadside Service, even if you only purchase liability auto coverage. Proof of insurance is required upon service request. This service is only available while your automobile insurance policy is in effect.


Contact Us today, because you never know what may happen to your vehicle!


Some examples of what the FREE 24-Hours Roadside Assistance covers:


  • LOCKOUTS– If you have misplaced your key or locked your key inside your vehicle, we will unlock your vehicle no matter where the vehicle is located at no cost. (Applicable on vehicles only)
  • TIRE CHANGE– If you have a flat tire, we will change the tire wherever the vehicle is located. However, the cost to repair or replace the tire is at your personal expense.
  • OUT-OF GAS– If you run out of gas, we will service you with gasoline no matter where you may be. Plus, you will receive FREE $5.00 worth of Gas. There is a charge for the amount of the gasoline after the $5.00 worth.
  • JUMP-START– If your vehicle has stalled, we will jump-start your vehicle anywhere, at no cost to you.
  • TOWING– If your vehicle has mechanical problems, we will tow your vehicle at a low flat rate of $40.00 to your preferred destination unless your vehicle is a full coverage, then you receive a one-time free towing. Free Towing Service is included for Full Coverage Automobiles ONLY. Liability Automobiles are excluded for free towing.


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